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Horizon Reverse Osmosis started as a division of Standard Communications in 1975. At the time, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems were just becoming commercially feasible and available, yet only for large municipal plants. The President of Standard Communications, Donald Thomas, was a boating enthusiast, and after reading of this new technology to "make water", he had the vision that this method of producing potable water could be used on small, individual systems for the boating industry. Back then the only means of producing potable water aboard a boat was to either catch rain or use bulky, unreliable and inefficient heat evaporation systems. Alternatively, boats had to carry water which inevitably ran out much too soon, and at inopportune times.

The boating industry owes its gratitude to Donald Thomas for his vision, direction, and leadership in presenting one of the most important innovations of this century to the boating world. Donald Thomas is the true pioneer of small scale Reverse Osmosis Desalinations Systems, and most favorably changed the boating industry over 29 years ago. Horizon Reverse Osmosis continues to operate with that pioneering, innovative spirit, and has evolved its product line into a unique style ideally suited for marine use. Horizon Reverse Osmosis continues today to hold a major share of the world market.

Sea Recovery Corporation obtained Horizon Reverse Osmosis in December of 1993, and today, Horizon Reverse Osmosis is a major product line of its mother company. The unique styling and separate distribution system that made Horizon Reverse Osmosis successful over the years are maintained and preserved today, and this allows Horizon Reverse Osmosis' uninhibited growth and development to continue its success as a highly regarded brand name in reverse osmosis desalination equipment.

The current Seafari line of marine watermakers enhances all that Horizon Reverse Osmosis stands for and has achieved in the water-making world. It's no wonder that Horizon Reverse Osmosis' customer confidence and satisfaction rank as the highest in the industry.

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